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Martin Krivanek MSc

As your personal trainer from Prague 2 I can help you with ?

Get in shape

GET FIT, STRONG & Flexible

My focus is on helping people achieve fast yet long-term results through challenging and varied workouts that involve, specialty areas of fitness such as, corrective exercises, three dimensional movement, loaded stretching, functional training, strength training and resistance training.

There are many reasons to exercise regularly e.g. are to get strong, to get fit, to quit smoking, increase your energy levels, weight loss, reduce pain, and help you to relax and sleep better. Exercise plays vital role in building and maintaining strong muscles. 

Get rid off the pain

back pain, Shoulder injury

Does a specific muscle or joint ache ? Back pain or shoulder pain doesn’t have to continue waking you up at night. As a certified corrective exercise specialistist, I am trained in understanding human anatomy and movement biomechanics. The recommendation for treating chronic pain was inactivity and rest. However recent studies and even my personal experience show that walking and corrective exercises is just as effective for pain relief as conventional pain treatment methods like heat, cold and massage.

Knee Injury

knee pain, knee Injury

Have you experienced knee injuries such as  Meniscus tear,  ACL reconstruction, ? Are you dealing with pain around your patella (patellofemoral pain syndrome) or broad term used to knee problem like Runner’s knee used to describe the pain you feel if you have one of several knee problems. Knee pain can be caused by a sudden injury, an overuse injury, or by an underlying condition, such as arthritis. Treatment will vary depending on the cause. As conclusion I’m offering individualised exercise training program, which is right for you.

Introducing my training plan

Initial consultation

All of my clients go through full body initial assessment,  which includes verbal, visual and 3D movemant screening (FMS),  where you will get a fair picture about your physical health, which can be effected by bad diet or level of physical activity. 

Training PLAN

With my expert guidance, you will learn new training techniques and methodologies to take control of your body – and stay healthy. I will help you stay on track, meet your training goals, and inspire you NOT to “throw in the dumbbell”! 

mobility & stretching

Not everyone has the same flexibility needs or flexibility potential. For instance flexibility potential is affected by genetics, gender, age, lifestyle, occupation, and type and level of physical activity.

Let me introduce myself

My passion is to help clients build, strengthen, and/or repair their body. If recovering from an injury, I will get you back on your feet in no time.

I have always been interested in sports and physical fitness. As a child, I learned how to swim (aged three), and followed this with football, boxing, gymnastics, and breakdancing. Each sport helped and inspired me to achieve a new level of fitness. Early on, I realized that my body was my key to success and enjoyment in life – and that I had to take a good care of it. However, in reality, I had to experience quite a few injuries and pain to reach this conclusion!

As an experienced trainer, I am interested in meeting your individual needs and developing a plan of action to build strength, improve your energy levels, and avoid (or recover from) injury. Let’s get moving!

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Martin in four points

  1. MSc in Sport science and Fitness at Charles University in Prague
  2. English speaking personal coach and teacher.
  3. The BioMechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist 
  4. 15 years of experience as personal trainer 

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