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Personal Trainer Prague Martin Krivanek Provides

Personal Training

As an experienced personal trainer, I am interested in meeting your individual needs and developing a plan of action to build strength, improve your energy levels, and avoid (or recover from) injury. Let’s get moving!

I am available for 30 or 50 minutes personal training sessions.

Rehab -BIOmechanics

Not everyone can be a sports hero. But not only heroes have annoying injuries. I have helped many athletes return to form after only a few years of training. Indeed, I myself went through complicated ACL reconstruction surgeries and worked hard to overcome the subsequent difficulties.

Nutrition with Jana

Not sure whether your diet helping or stopping your results? 

Are you tired of stressing out about food and all the conflicting information out there? If so you need my simple, healthy and very effective plan tailored to your specific lifestyle. A plan that gets results!

Functional training & Testimonials

Personal Training Approach

My focus is on helping people achieve fast yet long-term results through challenging and varied workouts that involve strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, functional training, core training, and innovative stretching techniques.

Functional training

Functional Training is a type of exercise that focuses on helping you perform the activities of daily living (including sports) easily and without injury. 

The advantage of functional training is primarily that it develops strength in the core muscles that keep the body upright. This means the training engages both the lower and upper body so that proper posture can be maintained. Functional training must be performed by well-defined methodologies, however, or the movements can actually cause problems in muscles or joints. 

On the other hand, when done properly, it leads to better joint stability and mobility. Now do you see what I mean by the activities of daily living? Proper posture is necessary in all activities – whether sitting at work, running on a track, or struggling in the ring.

 Achieving proper posture at all times requires building core strength the right way, using exercises and equipment such the Kettlebell, Bulgarian Bag, ViPR, TRX and others.

"I’ve trained with Martin for three years now. I’m 44 years-old, but am probably in better shape than when I was in my twenties. My waist size has gone down, I’ve added a lot of muscle, and my stamina is much better. Martin changes the workouts each time, which keeps it interesting and distracts me from how hard he is making me work."
C. Comstock
Martin is really good at pushing people in a pleasant way and without being harsh. He's super knowledgeable and takes a keen interest in his clients' overall body health and well-being. In the three + months I've worked with Martin, I've seen and felt a definite change in my general strength and endurance. Plus, he has a friendly personality and is really easy to get a long with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Mauliff Bose

Corrective Exercise Program

Full Body Assessment

Full body structural assessment that includes verbal, visual, and hands-on assessment of your feet and  ankles, knees, lumbo-pelvic hip girdle, thoracic spine shoulder girdle, and neck and head. This assessment will helps us to identify those musculoskeletal imbalances that are specific to your body and responsible for causing your pain.

During the assessment I will teach you how malalignments in one area your body may be causing pain and /or dysfunction other areas. The assessment results are summarised for you so that you can understand exactly what is going on with your body.

3 Months rehab exercise plan

Neck, Shoulder, Lower back, Hip, Knee, Ankle or Foot.

Does a specific muscle or joint ache? Your pain doesn’t have to continue waking you up at night any longer. As a certified corrective exercise specialists, I am trained in understanding human anatomy and movement biomechanics. At the start of your exercise program I will teach you self- massage techniques to help rejuvenate and regenerate those tissues that have been adversely affected by poor alignment. As your body begins to loosen up, you will be introduced to specific stretches to teach you how to move correctly through various ranges of motions. Finally, as mobility is gained, strengthening exercises will be integrated into your program to help retrain you to maintain correct alignment mechanics.
14 400,-
  • Month 1 - self massage techniques
  • Month 2 - streching and mobility
  • Month 3 - strenghtening exercises