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Get in shape

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training & strength

My focus is on helping people achieve fast yet long-term results through challenging and varied workouts that involve, specialty areas of fitness such as, injury prevention, functional training and strength training. There are many reasons to exercise regularly. Above all, it keeps you confident and happy. 

Get rid off the pain

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Lower Back Pain, hip pain

Does a specific muscle or joint ache ? Lower back pain, shoulder pain doesn’t have to continue waking you up at night. As a certified corrective exercise specialistist, I am trained in understanding human anatomy and movement biomechanics. 

knee Injury

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knee pain, knee Injury

Have you experienced Meniscus or ACL injury? Does walking down the stairs hurt ? Are you dealing with pain around your patella ?  As conclusion I’m offering individualised exercise  training program, which is right for you. 

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References from people I have trained

I was recommended Martin by a fitness coach I was currently working with having sustained a ligament tear in my shoulder. We worked together on the rehabilitation starting with stability, range of movement and strengthening. Since then I have continued to train with Martin to maintain and develop my fitness around this long term injury and my work which involves frequent travel. Together we have developed a fitness program which I can adapt to accordingly to use with limited or no gym equipment while travelling.
David Phillips
Head Of Sales For Europe, The Middle East & Africa at The Music Sales Group
I met Martin after my ACL surgery to return to sport. He is experienced and knowledgeable about knee surgery, sport injury and its recovery period. He taught me a lot to return to sport safely! He is like a coach with his way of communication and motivation. Highly recommended especially for returning to sport after any type of knee surgeries.

Online Training with me

Great for those that have a good idea of what’s going on and just need some guidance

Virtual movement assessment identifying restrictions in mobility, stability, strength, range of motion and movement patterns. Discuss findings and suggest best training or corrective exercise plan with you