Personal trainer Prague & Corrective Exercise Specialist

Personal Trainer Prague 2 – Martin Krivanek MSc

Corrective Exercise Program

Assessment process

Full body structural assessment that includes verbal, visual, and hands-on assessment of your feet and  ankles, knees, lumbo-pelvic hip girdle, thoracic spine shoulder girdle, and neck and head. This assessment will helps us to identify those musculoskeletal imbalances that are specific to your body and responsible for causing your pain.

During the assessment I will answer any questions that you may’ve as well perform a thorough musculoskeletal assessment to help the causes of your pain and disfunction. The assessment results are summarised for you so that you can understand exactly what is going on with your body.

+30 Reviews

References from people I trained

I was recommended Martin by a fitness coach I was currently working with having sustained a ligament tear in my shoulder. We worked together on the rehabilitation starting with stability, range of movement and strengthening. Since then I have continued to train with Martin to maintain and develop my fitness around this long term injury and my work which involves frequent travel. Together we have developed a fitness program which I can adapt to accordingly to use with limited or no gym equipment while travelling.
David Phillips
Head Of Sales For Europe, The Middle East & Africa at The Music Sales Group
I met Martin after my ACL surgery to return to sport. He is experienced and knowledgeable about knee surgery, sport injury and its recovery period. He taught me a lot to return to sport safely! He is like a coach with his way of communication and motivation. Highly recommended especially for returning to sport after any type of knee surgeries.

Work With Me

Not everyone can be a sports hero. But not only heroes have annoying injuries. I have helped many athletes return to form after only a few years of training. Indeed, I myself went through complicated ACL reconstruction surgeries and worked hard to overcome the subsequent difficulties.