About me

Personal Trainer Prague Martin Křivánek MSc

I have always been interested in sports and physical fitness. As a child, I learned how to swim (aged three), and followed this with football, boxing, gymnastics, and breakdancing. Each sport helped and inspired me to achieve a new level of fitness. Early on, I realized that my body was my key to success and enjoyment in life – and that I had to take a good care of it. However, in reality, I had to experience quite a few injuries and pain to reach this conclusion!

My worst injuries occurred while playing football. The difficult surgeries on my knees, and subsequent rehabilitation, were not exactly a walk in the park. Follow-up treatment consisted of medical rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, and balancing exercises. While this certainly helped me recover, it was not enough. I wanted to continue playing all the sports I loved, which meant I had to work hard to strengthen not only my knee, but other parts of my body, to prevent new injuries.

As I recovered, I realized that my interest in sports training and rehabilitation was growing. In fact, I became fascinated with the recovery process, and the study of rehab techniques completely engrossed me. I decided to take my learning to a new level by earning Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University in Prague. This academic work was a major stepping stone into the world of seminars and training on biomechanics and anatomy of the human body, and formed the foundation for my professional work abroad.

From 2008 to 2013 I worked in London, with the first three years as a Personal Trainer at Virgin Active. I was offered a promotion to Professional Technical Trainer, but I turned it down to pursue my dream of owning and running a private practice. From 2011 – 2013. I had the privilege of working with many celebrities, actors, singers, lawyers, and judges – all of various nationalities. I also played football for the London club Sporting Hackney. 

During those five years, although I had built a very large customer base, I learned that many people came to me with a host of problems other than mobility issues. From migraines to mental health issues (e.g., anxiety, depression, anorexia, etc.), these clients found that physical activity helped relieve their symptoms. I realized that I could help these clients even more if I broadened my knowledge of the brain-body connection. I achieved this through travel and study in the diverse locations of Madrid, Los Angeles, Bangkok and Dubai, under the direction of some of the best fitness trainers and physical therapists in the world. In 2014, I returned to Prague and founded my own training studio at Vinohrady and continued training and helping people.



Experienced Personal Trainer

I have been a fitness and personal coach since 2005. When I graduated I was carry on in studing various rehabilitation techniques. I attended many seminars and training sessions of the best coaches and physical therapist from all over the world. Sport has been fulfilling part of my whole life and it consequently resulted into becoming my profession. 

English Speaking Personal Trainer

Due to my activities abroad, I gained new experiences in the area of training, coaching and exercising in English. I like to share my knowledge, therefore I participate in various lessons related to functional trainings, correct exercise or recovery and rehabilitation.

Corrective exercise Specialist

Apart from personal trainings, I offer rehabilitation services and corrective exercise programs. I specialize in clients with sedentary professions and chronic issues with their musculoskeletal systems. Combining my knowledge in biomechanics and experience with sport injuries, I do my best to help each and every client.